Sporttiauto was established in 1992 to make repairs and offer restoration services and spare parts for classic British sportscars. Sporttiauto was building turn-key kit cars to customers specification. Kit cars were available also in component form. Sporttiauto still is the most experienced AC Cobra-replica builder in Finland.

As an agent of Moss Europe Ltd, Sporttiauto is offering spare parts for British classic cars, such as Triumph, MG, Austin Healey and Mini.

Sporttiauto is also Main Stockist for original SuperFlex polyurethane suspension bushes and EBC Brakes world famous kevlar brakes.

Sporttiauto is supplying and fitting ProCharger Centrifugal Supercharger Systems for Automotive, Motorcycle and Marine applications.

Recent years the bias has moved towards high performance engine tuning and parts. Autronic engine control units have been in our selection from late 1990s. Sporttiauto was one of the the first ones to adopt new ViPEC engine control units.

Sporttiauto is importing, selling and fitting various brands of high performance engine management systems and tuning road and race cars on a Dyno Dynamics AWD chassis dynomometer.

Latest addition to our equipment sortiment is CWT Multibal 5000 balancing machine. We are now able to balance engine parts to very high standard and make reliable high revving high performance engines.


Sporttiauto is continuously looking for a new automotive and motorsport related product dealerships in Finland.

For further information contact the owner Mr. Jean Niemi using phone or e-mail in Finnish, English or Swedish.


Address: Sporttiauto, Helalantie 11, FI-21800, Kyrö, Finland.

Tel: +358 2 533 2686


Sporttiauto has moved to new premises 1st September 2008. New address is above. Other contact details remain the same.